I Help Menopausal Women Take

Back Control Of Their Bodies By

Fixing The Hormone Issues They've

Been Struggling With For Years 


If you want to reverse illness, shed

stubborn weighteliminate hot flashes,

boost your energy, and feel better

than you have in years.




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Tafiq makes it pleasurable to show up every morning and bring your "A" game to his class, because he brings his best, each day. He has new and interesting routines for us..it is NEVER boring. I would recommend Tafiq's technique and program to anyone who is looking for a body-changing experience." 

-Karen Chapman

I am in better health and know that by working with Tafiq my level of fitness will continue to evolve. Today I feel confident, healthy and hopeful. And with hope I have everything

-Stefanie Bui Lo

Where do I start? Tafiq has helped me finally transform my body. He is so knowledgeable in nutrition as well as giving the best workout ever. He really cares about his clients and does everything he can to help you reach your goal. I never been in such good health and I can finally wear a bikini! Highly recommend!

-Sharona Zarabi



Hi I'm Tafiq,
I was introduced to health and fitness when I was a professional dancer over 22 years ago. During a lift of my partner, I injured my shoulder which led to physical therapy.
It was in PT that I learned that exercise could be used to heal, strengthen and restore the body. Prior to that, I had only thought of exercise for its aesthetic benefits. I was fascinated by everything I saw during physical therapy and wanted to learn and know more. My physical therapist saw my passion and allowed me to watch and learn after I completed my treatment. After a few months, she recommended that I look into personal training as a starting point. That was the beginning of my fitness career.
After working as a personal trainer for a few years I decided to upgrade my education with nutrition and wellness, which was another "aha" moment for me. Since 90% of my clientele was women I also got educated in women's health, nutrition for hormone balance, and more.
For over 20 years I have had the privilege to serve the women in my community by helping them reverse illness, get taken off medications, shed stubborn body fat, and get back lives many of them didn't believe they could ever have again. 
If you are struggling to take back control of your body and want to fix the hormone issues you've been struggling with for years, I can help!



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